Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Meh Halloween....

Ok so maybe it's not a choice between Halloween or Christmas, but in my case, I don't see the fascination with Halloween, so I give Christmas my all. I'm really glad I've never lost my child-like love of the festive season, hopefully I never will. I've always preferred winter to summer, perhaps that's down to Christmas falling in the centre of winter? Either way, I'll be thrilled when Halloween is out of the way and I can start planning for Christmas. 

We'll come back to this...for now, we'll focus on Halloween. Maybe I'm boring, or getting old or something, I just don't like Halloween... It gives kids with nothing better to do an excuse to go out and start fires and those old enough to know better, the excuse to wear next to nothing around town even though it's freezing! I don't resent the enjoyment that children take from the day, the dressing up, playing games and eating their body weight in chocolate......I just wish that fun could be left to the kids for the day, and then we move on... 

As we all know, nobody really needs an excuse to bake, so even in my 'Meh Halloween' phase, I managed to throw together some Halloween themed desserts.. I'll post the recipes soon, if anyone wants them sooner, feel free to leave a comment, or tweet @gingerbreadmiss and I'll get it to you sooner :) 

Spider Cheesecake.. Cointreau topping with bourbon biscuit base

Gingerbread Massacre - Red Velvet cake with marshmallow meringue icing

I promise that the run up to Christmas will be much more cheerful!!! 

For now... Happy Halloween! 

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